eeKinesiology Modalities

Kinesiology Modalities

Professional Kinesiology Practice

PKP training grew out of the needs of the original students of Touch for Health in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Students were looking for a course that would train them to be working professionals with kinesiology as a career, and with a long term training structure.  Dr Bruce Dewe (MD) and his wife Joan (MA) developed the PKP series of workshops and have worked tirelessly over the last 30 years modifying the material and the programme so that the present levels of teaching are in line with academic requirements and government guidelines in several countries. 


PKP is a phenomenological practice – this means practitioners use manual muscle testing to demonstrate to the client how much or how little they are able to move in relation to their problem.  PKP practitioners have tests for more than 100 muscles, and dozens of other tests that they do so they can clearly show you how your movement is affected by your problem. This muscle story shows a person how their life is unfolding, and it also helps to guide on how to transcend the situation and design a future which is more in alignment with nature and the laws of the cosmos. 


PKP is about living life more wisely.

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