Kinesiology Modalities

Kinesiology Modalities

Classical Kinesiology

Classical Kinesiology (Naturopathic Kinesiology)

Classical Kinesiology is based on Goodheart’s original concepts of kinesiology (Applied Kinesiology).  It appeals to people who prefer a more orthodox approach to therapy.  This system includes extensive training in anatomy & physiology, clinical medicine and uses a nutritional approach as well as using vibrational medicine.  Even though this system uses the principles of George Goodheart's original kinesiology research, classical kinesiology is eclectic in nature and offers a naturopathic approach to the therapy.

Therapists identify imbalances within the energy system with the aid of finger modes and biomarkers in the form of test vials. Techniques can consist of acupuncture meridian work, gentle bone structure and muscle corrections, emotional stress defusion techniques, nutrition, herbs and flower essences.

The school currently focuses on short courses for both post graduate training for those who are already qualified kinesiologists and also for those who are qualified in other therapies such as nutritionists, homoeopaths, reflexologists, and body workers. Some examples of these are:

  •  Understanding Disease from the Medical Aspect
  •  Making the Most of Test Vials
  •  Deep Level Chakra Balancing
  •  Polarity Reflex Analysis Nutritional Assessment (PRANA)
  •  Applying Physiology in Your Practice
  •  CPD seminar days for trained kinesiologists

We also offer short courses in muscle testing skills and how to use these in any natural healthcare practice. These courses are suitable for practitioners who are trained and qualified in another branch of natural healthcare and who would like to add kinesiology to their existing skills. This 6-days course (over 3-4 months) will:

  • Enable you to confidently test for food or substance intolerances
  • Teach you how to use test vials to help you identify the best supplement / homoepathic remedy / aromatherapy oil etc. for each individual client
  • Increase your success rate with clients by adding these skills plus more, so the word about you and your skills spreads faster and further
  • Give you a 'unique selling point' (USP) that makes you different
  • Get you a certificate in Muscle Testing after successfully completing the course and assessment

Please contact us for more details on any of the above courses:

Classical Kinesiology Institute
Tel:  0116 266 1962