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Functional K Practitioner - Blood Sugars

Course runs: 7 - 8 Dec 2024

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Functional K Practitioner - Blood Sugars

Blood Sugars

Purpose – to understand the huge effect of blood sugar stabilisation on human health and different diets available for balancing different conditions. Debunking common diet myths that contribute to hormonal imbalances, metabolic disease and obesity.

  • Understand blood sugars and associated conditions such as hyper-insulinism, diabetes and obesity
  • Understand the important relationship between blood sugars, the liver, stress, female hormones and digestion
  • How to balance blood sugars
  • Deep dive into the emotional impact of blood sugar instability
  • Understanding how to balance the macro nutrients of protein, fats and carbohydrates
  • Balancing blood sugar associated conditions
  • How to work with recommended supplements and how to test against blood sugar imbalances

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Course Location

Green Door Centre, Main Rd, Bosham, West Sussex
PO18 8PJ (Click for Google Map)

Laura Knowles

College of Functional Kinesiology
The Drift House, 46 Langstone Road

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Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course

The course is a truly holistic therapy including 

  • Techniques from the Mental, Chemical, Physical and Electrical realms
  • Powerful emotional techniques to support emotion challenges from the past, present and future
  • Food sensitivity testing, plus information about food and how to test for what the body needs
  • Structural balancing techniques – to align the body physically
  • How to run acupuncture meridians to balance our electrical fields. Learn the acupuncture meridians and the Chinese Traditional 5 Element Theory
  • Muscle testing – how to muscle test. This gives you a direct communication with the body and an understanding where symptoms are coming from. We teach the 50 muscles required by the National Occupational Standards to class you as a Practitioner in “Foundation Kinesiology”
  • Educational Kinesiology – techniques to ‘turn on’ the brain, eyes and ears. This supports learning challenges and makes learning easier for both children and adults.

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