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Functional K Practitioner - Holding Space and Emotional Techniques

Course runs: 9 - 10 Nov 2024

Course Description

Functional K Practitioner - Holding Space and Emotional Techniques

Holding Space and Emotional Techniques

Purpose – this is one of the most significant parts of the training and a module that is very unique to Functional Kinesiology. This is a 4 day emotional immersive designed to equip you to support your clients emotionally. Excellent practitioners are able to hold emotional space for their clients because they have worked through their own behaviours, beliefs and emotional history. This module has been described as life changing and will fully prepare you for supporting clients emotionally in clinic.

Day 1 – Releasing fear and creating a safety container within
Day 2 – Understanding behaviours, conditioning, core wounds and finding inner strength
Day 3 – Self love and forgiveness
Day 4 – Claiming confidence and standing in our full potential

As part of the Holding Space module, you will be given a Bach Flower Remedy Correspondence course to ensure you fully use this incredible tool as part of your clinic. This is included in the cost of the practitioner training. It is provided by the Lucis College.

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Laura Knowles

College of Functional Kinesiology
The Drift House, 46 Langstone Road

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Functional Kinesiology Foundation Course

The course is a truly holistic therapy including 

  • Techniques from the Mental, Chemical, Physical and Electrical realms
  • Powerful emotional techniques to support emotion challenges from the past, present and future
  • Food sensitivity testing, plus information about food and how to test for what the body needs
  • Structural balancing techniques – to align the body physically
  • How to run acupuncture meridians to balance our electrical fields. Learn the acupuncture meridians and the Chinese Traditional 5 Element Theory
  • Muscle testing – how to muscle test. This gives you a direct communication with the body and an understanding where symptoms are coming from. We teach the 50 muscles required by the National Occupational Standards to class you as a Practitioner in “Foundation Kinesiology”
  • Educational Kinesiology – techniques to ‘turn on’ the brain, eyes and ears. This supports learning challenges and makes learning easier for both children and adults.

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