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NK Practitioner - Chakra Hologram 1

Course runs: 5 - 8 November 2020

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NK Practitioner - Chakra Hologram 1

Chakra Series

This series of courses explores many of the body’s chakras or energy centres, their interrelations through the nadi system and their local and systemic effects on the body as well as the overall wellbeing of a person. As first energetics structures to develop in utero, the chakras guide and support physical structures such as the endocrine system, sensory and body organs, joint structures and limb movement as well as their associated functions and belief patterns on all seven planes of the aura. The importance of the chakras in the development of self-awareness, soul purpose and higher self-realisation is also explained.

As energy centres, the chakras impact the anatomy and physiology of the body in a profound way through their interactions with the nervous system. Stress on energetic levels can lead to physiological manifestations and health related issues. This series of courses aims to develop an understanding of the various states of imbalance of these energy centres and their associated energetic channels of the nadi system and how these manifest on the physical, emotional and psychological planes and beyond. Students also learn to balance these manifestations through energetic pathways.

These courses provide:

  • In depth information on all major chakras, 24 minor chakras and 5 outer body chakras;
  • Clinical manifestations of imbalances in each of the energy centres;
  • Extensive knowledge on the interactions between the chakras, the nadi and nervous systems and how the energy flows between these structures;
  • Balancing protocols for the imbalance states of each chakra along with additional powerful techniques such as the Nadi Hologram and Kundalini Hologram.    

Chakra Hologram 1

This course explores the 7 major chakras and their representations when in a state of imbalance by accessing the plane of the aura in which the aberration occurs and correlating the location with its actual meaning. The aim of the course is to teach students to use the hologram techniques to pin point the area of stress in the chakra layers to bring a behavioural issue or pattern to the conscious mind for release and correction. Physiological aspects of the human body linked to the major chakras are discussed such as the endocrine system with its glands, hormones and blood supply and techniques are offered to balance both chakra and physiological imbalances.

This course provides students with:

  • Complete explanations of theosophical concepts and Hindu traditions providing the background to the idea of chakras and their use in the kinesiology practice;
  • Balancing techniques for the 7 major chakras on all seven planes of the aura along with significance of imbalances;
  • Detailed information on the interactions between each of the chakras and their associated aspects of the endocrine system;
  • Specialised techniques offering targeted and multifaceted releasing action for various aspects of stress surrounding a particular issue. 

Duration: 4 days

Prerequisite: Touch for health or Brain Formatting

What is Kinesiology? 

Kinesiology was developed by chiropractors in the 1960’s in the United States of America and has since evolved into a complex complementary therapy of its own. It is currently the fastest growing natural therapy in the world. Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to identify, assess and correct imbalances in the body, thus promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Kinesiology offers a model of care, which considers the deep connections between the physical aspects of the body (such as bones, muscles, hormones, neurology etc.), the psychological aspects (thoughts, emotions, attitudes etc.) and the energetic structures that form our being (aura, chakras, nadis, meridians etc.). Muscle monitoring allows the practitioner to assess the stress levels in the physical and energetic structures and to identify the most appropriate technique to restore balance to the body. This eliminates the need for guesswork, thereby allowing the body to heal efficiently to achieve optimal health and vitality.

The techniques used to release stress include acupressure, reflexology, emotional stress release, sound healing (tuning forks), colour healing, flower essences, crystals, chakra balancing etc. Kinesiology is a true complementary therapy which can be successfully integrated into the practices of Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Herbalists, Traditional Chinese Practitioners and Massage Therapists among others. It has even been integrated into Dental practices.

2.    Why study Kinesiology?

Various study pathways provide access to accredited qualifications recognised in United Kingdom and Australia which are required for anyone wishing to pursue a professional career as a practitioner of kinesiology.

Kinesiology is also a modality that integrates smoothly into the practice of practitioners of other natural therapies. It includes an array of techniques that can be used on their own or as additional tools alongside and within many complementary medicines.

Learning kinesiology concepts and techniques offers an excellent opportunity for self-discovery and assists on the journey to self-healing. It also provides effective practical tools to support yourself, your family and friends with health and wellbeing needs.

Whether you are looking for a new career in a fast-developing field, means to provide your relatives, friends or clients with the support they need to regain or maintain their health or wish to pass on incredible knowledge to students through teaching, studying kinesiology brings forth the opportunity to reach your personal and professional goals.   

3.    What is Neuroenergetic Kinesiology?

Amongst the many modalities of kinesiology, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (NK) is considered by many as the flagship of modern kinesiology and is taught all over the world. Developed by Hugo Tobar from the NK Institute, in Australia, it integrates the ancient wisdom from China and India with complex modern scientific knowledge in anatomy and physiology. By removing the blockages or stress from the body, it stimulates the self-healing mechanisms of the body through the meridians and their acupressure points as well as the nadi and chakra systems.

One of the primary characteristics that make NK a unique modality, is Tobar’s extensive development of finger mode and acupressure formatting systems in all areas of the human anatomy, physiology and energetic structures, along with the holographic model of reality. This allows the practitioner to identify and access the exact location and nature of the stress (even if subconscious) affecting the individual and provides the practitioner with a tailored approach unique to the client and to the specific needs of the body. 

4.    Why study at Aura & Meta? 

Aura & Meta offers structured yet flexible student-focused educational packages. Our training options cater for all levels of interest and purpose from the person wishing to learn effective techniques to help family members and friends overcome stress-related issues, to the more dedicated student interested in developing specialisation skills. We offer a comprehensive subject list based on current scientific research.

Existing workshops are updated, and new workshops are created on a regular basis to reflect the latest advances in kinesiology as well as the new developments in scientific research. Neuroenergetic Kinesiology is taught in many worldwide locations such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Hong-Kong and the USA with many workshops being taught elsewhere upon request, such as Russia, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Japan and South America.  

Aura & Meta aims to provide a supportive learning environment that is always respectful of each student’s journey. We welcome students and graduates of other kinesiology colleges and recognise prior learning given that competency and proficiency requirements are met. Our training standards and the professional skills taught fully comply with the United Kingdom industry best practice standards.

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology advanced practitioner Training

This training package constitutes the advanced level professional practitioner qualification and is most indicated for the student who wishes to start out a practice in the field of kinesiology. Whether a career change is in order or you are addressing a deep desire to help people regain their health in a natural, gentle way, the Basic Practitioner Training courses will provide you with skills and knowledge to attend to a wide range of health imbalances.

Additional to the workshops of the NK Foundation Training, the NK Basic Practitioner Training includes our two most popular courses, Chakra Hologram 1 and Neuroemotional Pathways 1 – The Survival Emotions, providing an excellent basis for working more in depth with key emotional and behavioural patterns. Please read the course descriptions for a more detailed understanding of these units.

This is one module in the full Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Practitioner level workshop.  

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology advanced level Workshops


Course Duration

Brain Formatting         

2 days

Chakra Metaphors

2 days

Physiology Formatting

2 days

Balancing with the 5 Elements

2 days

Chakra Hologram 1

4 days

Chakra Hologram 2

4 days

Neuroemotional Pathways 1 (NEPS 1)

4 days

Course Duration: 
7 months 

Course Location

W1G 9PB (Click for Google Map)

Sandra Cohen


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Neuroenergetic Kinesiology

Training in Neuro Energetic Kinesiology gives you powerful techniques for accessing and defusing stress. The method used for this is ‘formatting’ – a combination of acu-points and finger modes.  Formatting accesses stress states by taking an energetic stress picture.

In most of the courses students are taught to follow the pathways of a particular system and release the stress that is found along the way.  A large portion of the work works with chakras and encompasses all aspects of the chakra system.

Some of the other courses are Brain Formatting, Brain Hologram, Primitive Reflexes and the Brainstem, Neurotransmitter workshop, Neural Emotional Pathways, Holographic Hormone Balancing, Immune and Vaccination Pathways and Nutritional and Biochemical Pathways.

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