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Health K - 1 day Introduction to basic muscle testing

Course runs: 27 June 2020

Course Description

Health K - 1 day Introduction to basic muscle testing

This is a 1 day prerequisite to Health Kinesiology level 1 allowing the student to learn basic muscle testing skills and simple self-help techniques.

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Franky Kossy


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This is a 3 day course that is aimed specifically for Health Kinesiology students that have completed HK4 or above.  The course is designed to bring the Health Kinesiology students into line with the Kinesiology Federation foundation assessment requirements.

On the course you will learn:-
• The importance of assessing 14 muscles and their corresponding meridians
• About postural awareness
• Self help techniques that can be used to enhance your life
• The basics about the Law of the Five Elements
• Testing for dehydration and neurological disorganisation
• Patterns of flow within the energy system of the muscles

The course consists of theory and hands on practical, which further enhances your knowledge of the physical responses of muscle testing.

The ‘Integrated Course for Health Kinesiologists’ is enlightening in reference to seeing the roots of kinesiology.  It is fun to learn and complements the tool box of any kinesiologist.

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