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Chakra Hologram 1

Course runs: 18 - 21 April 2020

Course Description

Chakra Hologram 1

This course explores the 7 major chakras and their representations when in a state of imbalance by accessing the plane of the aura in which the aberration occurs and correlating the location with its actual meaning. The aim of the course is to teach students to use the hologram techniques to pinpoint the area of stress in the chakra layers to bring a behavioural issue or pattern to the conscious mind for release and correction. Physiological aspects of the human body linked to the major chakras are discussed such as the endocrine system with its glands, hormones and blood supply and techniques are offered to balance both chakra and physiological imbalances.

This course provides students with:

➢ Complete explanations of theosophical concepts and Hindu traditions providing the background to the idea of chakras and their use in the kinesiology practice;
➢ Balancing techniques for the 7 major chakras on all seven planes of the aura along with significance of imbalances;
➢ Detailed information on the interactions between each of the chakras and their associated aspects of the endocrine system;
➢ Specialised techniques offering targeted and multifaceted releasing action for various aspects of stress surrounding a particular issue.

Duration: 4 days
Prerequisite: Touch for health

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Neuroenergetic Kinesiology

Training in Neuro Energetic Kinesiology gives you powerful techniques for accessing and defusing stress. The method used for this is ‘formatting’ – a combination of acu-points and finger modes.  Formatting accesses stress states by taking an energetic stress picture.

In most of the courses students are taught to follow the pathways of a particular system and release the stress that is found along the way.  A large portion of the work works with chakras and encompasses all aspects of the chakra system.

Some of the other courses are Brain Formatting, Brain Hologram, Primitive Reflexes and the Brainstem, Neurotransmitter workshop, Neural Emotional Pathways, Holographic Hormone Balancing, Immune and Vaccination Pathways and Nutritional and Biochemical Pathways.

Hugo Tobar
P.O. Box 904
Murwillumbah 2484
NSW Australia
Tel: +61 (0)2 6672 7544

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