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PKP - Red Flags in PKP

Course runs: 29 - 30 August 2019

Course Description

PKP - Red Flags in PKP

By Dr. Bruce Dewe - International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice

This unit is about becoming a practised health professional who is a true member of an Integrated Health Team and not just ‘an alternative therapist’. Dr Dewe says that kinesiology practitioners must be aware of signs and symptoms that are beyond their scope of practice and they need to know enough about the process of medical diagnosis, even though they don’t treat diagnoses, to be able to refer clients appropriately before a medical emergency occurs’. 

This model, the result of the Cartesian division, is very different from both the Energy Medicine understanding of the connection between the physiological and subconscious worlds and the participatory model of the Professional Kinesiopractor®️ protocol. 

As you complete this unit you will extend your case history taking to include standard systematic questions and flow charts to determine when a problem is within the scope of your training and to know the difference between an unlocking muscle (as understood in the PKP system) and a muscle weakness that indicates that referral is necessary. 

This is more than staying within the boundaries of safe clinical practice.  Use Dr Dewe’s systematic questions and flow charts to refer clients facing a medical emergency. You will learn to clearly recognise ‘Red Flag’ situations and refer to medical or other specialist care and you will be able to implement a treatment plan and re-assess health and well-being status during and following kinesiology balancing processes.  Normally only available to ICPKP students, this is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the fathers of Kinesiology - Dr Dewe.

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