Core Subjects

Core Subjects

Anatomy & Physiology

Optimum Health Balance
Susanne Lakin
Woodland View, Dixon Road, North Walsham  NR28 9EA
Tel: 01263 732197

This course is specifically designed for any kinesiology students and therefore adopts a different emphasis from more conventional A&P courses.  It takes place over 3 weekends and aims to promote an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology within the context of the holistic model of health and from the perspective of a kinesiologist.  In addition to the more conventional ‘science’ it considers common physical problems and associated imbalances on all levels and emphasise approaches and techniques which clients can use to help themselves retain balance.  The assessment is in 3 parts. It includes a personal journal, home study as well as a final assessment.


Teach Me Health
1 Avalon Way, Worthing
West Sussex  BN13 2TP
Tel: 01903 830666 or 07900 218954

This course aims to provide a full understanding of the structure and function of the main body systems.  It is a home-study course and can be completed in the students own time. It has been structured into 5 assignments and has been specifically designed for Kinesiologists. It includes the 42 muscles which other courses, such as ITEc, do not normally include. Julie Langton-Smith is an accredited ITEC tutor as well as a D32/33 assessor.  The first assignment is sent with a guided learning video which is used as a reference. A portfolio of evidence is created by the student over the course and is invaluable for future reference.  A certificate of achievement is accredited at the end of the course. For those students wishing to take the ITEC exam please request further details.

Mandala Complementary Studies
Sue Lilly
PO Box 6, Exminster, Devon  EX6 8YE
Tel: 01392 832005

Our tutor for this course is Christopher Batten DO, MICO.  A&P level 3 is equivalent to over 100 hours tutor-led and is ideal for those wanting a qualification that is an equivalent course to those studied for body work.

College of Body Sciences
56 Bonnington Square, London SW8 1TQ
Tel: 0845 108 1088
Four attendance days plus home study and assessment.

Essentials for Health
2 Dukes Place, Marlow
Buckinghamshire  SL7 2QH
Tel: 0845 1080088
This A&P course is provided by an online virtual classroom as a distance learning package, via the internet.  There are 12 hours of films that are watched online, and the distance learning package with assessments, exercises and reading takes an additional 80-100 hours to complete.

You will be able to obtain the level 3 ITEC Diploma, the level 3 VTCT Diploma or the BTEC level 3 Award in Anatomy and Physiology. A demonstration is available at:  A comprehensive training in the origins, insertions and actions of 40 major muscles of the body is included and a demonstration viewed at:
The course is examined by a 1 hour multiple choice paper for ITEC and 3 hour written paper for VTCT and BTEC. Exams are held every 2 months in London approximately and can be arranged in the following cities on request: Bath, Brighton, Leicester, Newry, Edinburgh, Leeds, Gateshead, Exeter, Nottingham and Manchester.

Accreditation of prior learning (APL) - minimum 90 notional hours
If you already hold one of the following you can apply for accreditation of prior learning from your head of Advanced Kinesiology (see Advanced Kinesiology training options for the names and details of heads of Advanced Kinesiology):

ITEC courses - preferably to credit level - at many centres, including massage and physical therapy schools.

Certificates from the following providers do not meet the current requirements - BSY (British School of Yoga), SNHS (School of Natural Health Sciences), Stonebridge College.