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Sare Doughty-Bassett
194 Sandcross Lane

Telephone: 01737241951
Telephone 2: 07910230395

Kinesiology uses gentle muscle testing combined with verbal questions to gain muscle bio-feedback to communicate directly and re-activate your body’s bio-energetics system. Sare is a practitioner of Health Kinesiology™ Natural Bioenergetics™ and Touch for Health™ as well as being a holistic therapist and naturopath. She offers a wide range of powerful procedures designed to trigger your unique self-healing and find what will the most helpful to individual support for total wellness. There are many ways that Kinesiology may help: * Recovery from injury or illness, * Pain reduction, * Detox viruses and clear intolerances, * Reduced anxiety and stress, * Helps you over-come past trauma, * Prevents illness and maintains well-being, * Lessening and removal of physical symptoms, * Raised energy and mental alertness, * Assists in changing attitudes and unhelpful behaviour, * Increased confidence and self esteem, * Achieving outcomes needed for life goals, Here's what some of my clients have said - “All my aches and pains have gone! Sares’s insights and treatments got to the heart of what was going on”. October 2019. - “This was a fascinating session, I was intrigued to hear what needed working on – Sara was spot on! This session has prompted me to focus on my wellbeing”. July 2019. - “We have been working on my phobia and I feel a distinct and positive change”. October 2019 *Gentle muscle testing opens a channel of communication that allows the body to select corrections from Health Kinesiology’s uniquely designed system of protocols based on Chinese and complementary Medicine. This facilitates re-balance so that the flow of information about correct structure and function is restored, the body then responds and repairs itself. This is couch based (but standing/seated if needed), fully clothed treatment using your muscle feedback and gentle acupressure. We use many different tools and protocols in Kinesiology to find the unique healing energy patterns wanted by the body to stimulate re-balance and correct & strengthen vitality flow: * Acupressure * Therapeutic Magnets * Specialised test kits to assist with gentle detox, i.e. viruses and intolerance's * Colour healing * Chakra or light body repair * Aromatherapy Oils * Crystals * Specialised test vials and essences that restore your body’s vital energy * Therapeutic touch and body positions * Muscle massage and synergy reset * Clearing thoughts and memories at the heart of mental, emotional and physical stresses * Visual patterns * Creating personal goals and affirmations. /Physical stresses such as environmental toxins, allergens, microorganisms, electromagnetic fields and other frequencies and psychological stresses like worries, fears or limiting assumptions we may have about ourselves, all of which may cause ‘traffic jams’ affecting parts of your body’s bio-energetic control system. This causes blocks in our mood, may make us feel down or low in vitality, out of balance or just unmotivated. When things are not flowing quite right it might feel as if everything is an effort. But even if you didn’t realise things needed to happen, correcting imbalance increases your vitality and happiness, also permitting everyday stresses to flow and assimilate more naturally. Your life can become more vibrant and joyful!

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