eeCase Studies

Case Studies

Optimum Health Balance

This is a brief resume of an ‘emergency’ kinesiology balance carried out with, John, who had just had an operation involving the replacement of one of the valves in his heart.

I used the Optimum Health Balance system which involves placing icons (geometrical symbols) on the body and monitoring any interaction by muscle response. In this way, the relevant programmes are identified and ‘opened up’ so that any faults can be addressed using a healing icon or simple energetic technique. This approach therefore works at the highest energy level incorporating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages which the client’s body (not their mind nor that of the practitioner) identifies as impeding their health and healing.

The prechecks used before the balance were first found and corrected. These included energetically correcting for foreign energy (possible from the blood transfusions John had received in hospital). The balance was then begun by ‘opening the lock’ (rather like switching on the computer in order to then find and open up the ‘faulty’ programmes in a specific order as defined by the OHB system).

The primary problem identified was in the electromagnetic category, the actual icon being the one entitled ‘menstruation’. (In OHB, the actual category in which an icon is found is often unexpected. It might be thought that ‘menstruation would be in the structural, chemical or even emotional categories. However, OHB considers imbalances in a holistic manner and finds that menstruation has electromagnetic associations.) 

You can imagine my surprise when John’s body revealed ‘menstruation’ as a primary problem, as he definitely is a man! Convinced that I must have misread his muscle response, I rechecked and found that, yes it really was menstruation.

Since no further information was required, I opened the relevant programme in his mind/body/spirit system by muscle testing the icon and adding it into his system. This is not unlike working with a computer when we click on an icon to open up a particular programme so that, for example, it can be checked for spelling. At that point in the balance, I decided not to tell him what his being had identified, as I didn’t want to introduce any disbelief (for him or for me)!

The next icon was in the emotional category entitled ‘fear’. Age regression identified the fear as being at the time when he was in the ambulance being taken as an emergency to hospital. I asked John whether he had been frightened of dying at that time and he replied: “Not at all – I just knew I wouldn’t die even though my heart problem was serious.”

When asked about his fear he replied: “Well, I knew I would have to have six months off work and so would have to do my own painting. And I’m frightened of not actually producing anything.” John then realised he had subconsciously avoided doing his own paintings by being too busy working as an art teacher. If he was at home for six months he would have no such excuse.

At this point, I told him of the first icon that had appeared. John’s response was: “Well that makes perfect sense – menstruation is all about the creative cycle after all and maybe my cycle needs a kick-start.”
The balance was continued until there was a priority to treat. The treatment involved using sound from my Tibetan bowl and the energy of certain healing icons in the aura

After the healing John’s levels of health were 100%. (In OHB, 5 different measures of health including vital and physical energy and the person’s Optimum Health level are read at the beginning and end  of the balance. The Optimum Health level is a measure of the person’s overall health at the time given their particular circumstances. It must be 100% at the end.)

After the balance, John said that he felt very peaceful and relaxed at the thought of expressing himself creatively by getting on with his own painting.

Within 4 months, he had painted and reproduced his own Christmas card for each of his students. Previously, none of them had seen any of his finished work. His creative juices were obviously flowing!

Susanne Lakin (DC PhD KFRP)