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As a Federation we attract a number of non UK mainland practitioners, current members are listed below.

Name Status Address Country
Biddy Mayo Ashburn, South Devon
Evelyn Moniram Streatham,
Deborah Durkin Edinburgh,
Ros Kitson Charnham Park, Hungerford
Trudy Kemp Hemblington (7 miles East of Norwich), Norwich
Mandy Jenkins Balance Studio , Whitney
Mandy Jenkins Cogges Surgery,
Hazel Miller 27 Melbourne Terrrace,
Ann Parker 2 Glenmaggie Chase, Caroline Springs Australia
Colette Oram La Mielle du Parcq, Grouville Channel Islands
Claire de Gruchy Les Belles Reves, Jersey Channel Islands
Susan Hollwey Les Fries, Guernsey Channel Islands
Marie Helene Penet 10 Rue Stappaert, Lille France
Marie Helene Penet 15 Rue Alexandre Parodi, Paris France
Rita Sharkey 11 Kildonan Avenue, Dublin Ireland
Sue Voysey The Spinney, Isle of Wight Isle of Wight
Karen Way 1 Mountfield Road, Isle of Wight Isle of Wight
Nicky Le Bailly La Vielle Mouson, Jersey
David Hodge 16 Blackmore Drive, Rotorua 3010 New Zealand
Sandie Lovell 2 Glenmaggie Chase, New Zealand
Sandie Lovell PO Box 3340, Victoria New Zealand
William Seage to be advised, Lanzerote Spain
Charlotte Gem Belfry Cottage, Jersey United Kingdom
Linda Penny Mariners Village, Marina del Rey USA